Foot Care Detox 10pcs

Do you want natural cleansing foot pads for foot care?

This Foot Care Detox helps to activate cells, relieving fatigue, possessing a better quality of sleep, and promote wellness.

This Foot Care Magic Detox Patch is suitable for the sub-health population and great for the people who are under high stress, helping relieve pain and relax.

  • High Quality: It made of high-quality material, so don't worry anaphylaxis when using it.
  • Convenient to Use: Stick and spread the footpad firmly onto the sole of your feet, and you can let the foot pads do the work while you sleep.
  • Natural Way to Clean: This Foot Care Magic Detox Patch has natural ingredients that help to relieve pain and tension, promote deeper sleeping.


  • Net Weight: 70 g

Package Includes:
- 10 Pcs * Foot Care Magic Detox Patch