6 Pcs/Set Food Silicone Covers

White 6 Pcs 1 Set
Pink 6 Pcs 1 Set
Green 6 Pcs 1 Set
Blue 6 Pcs 1 Set
Pink 6 Pcs 1 Set 1

Diameters: 6.5cm; 9cm; 12cm; 14cm; 14.5cm; 19cm

What are Silicone food covers?

The perfect alternative to cling film, Silicon food covers are the ideal replacement for single-use plastic wrap to seal dishes, bowls, cans, cups or fruit and vegetables. Thanks to the natural power of suction, these super handy, stretchy wonders stick to virtually anything, creating an instant seal and turning a cup, a pot, a pan and even fresh produce into instant storage.

Are Silicone Food Covers safe?

The harmful toxins in plastics make cling wrap an unhealthy choice for food storage. Reusable food covers made from silicone, on the other hand, can withstand heating and freezing without leaching or off-gassing, hazardous chemicals. Unlike plastics, which contaminate food in these environments, food-grade silicone is a non-toxic polymer mostly made from silica (sand). This makes stretch food covers made from silicone a must-have item for anyone who wants a chemical-free and reusable, waste-free alternative!

Benefits of Silicone Food Covers

Eco-friendly and health-friendly, silicone food covers also save you money, as you will no longer need to buy plastic cling wrap to cover your leftover food to keep it fresh. The airtight seal works on stainless steel, glass, plastic and ceramic items to not only keep your food fresh longer but prevents spills and seals in heat during cooking. Oven resistant to 230 degrees Celsius, silicone food covers can be used to cover food that you’re steaming or as a splash guard for frying. They are also microwave safe, dishwasher safe and suitable for use in the freezer.

How long do Silicone Food Covers last?

Resistant to both low and high temperatures (-70°C~230°C), treated with care, reusable silicone food covers are incredibly durable and long-lasting and will remain intact and as good as new with repeated use for an indefinite time.