Cats Glowing Ball Toy


Product description:
Material: Body: TPR, Cover: Transparent PC
Dimensions: 158 X 74 X 69 mm
Color: yellow, green, blue
Weight: 98g

Product feature:
Unique design-all designs are in line with cats and entertain themselves.
Convenience-Cat turning windmills are easy to stick to any surface with adhesive and can be rotated to let your cat play and stay healthy.
Reducing cat anxiety-Cat turning a windmill can reduce cat anxiety. Watching the kitten play for hours.
Multiple uses-There are two transparent boxes on the round blades of the windmill, where you can place light balls, bells and mint balls to attract cats. When the windmill moves gently, it will rotate, making the cat like not to release its paws, with a hair and face friction device in the middle.

There are 3pcs AG10 button batteries in the luminous ball.

Packing list
Package included:
1* Cat Toy (1 pc luminous ball, 2 pcs mint balls)