ElanSelfie 8MP HD Camera Selfie Drone

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• Ascend, descend, forward, backward, turn left, turn right
• 8MP HD camera: can shoot best pictures
• Integrated visual stabilization system at the bottom of the fuselage, keep stable hovering at 20 meters
• The fuselage is made of aviation aluminum; it is not only attractive but also durable
• Four specially designed variable frequency, direct-drive motors with ElanSelfie's highly efficient ducted propeller blades give ElanSelfie the ultimate in flexibility while at the same time, the Duct Propulsion system provides greater safety than traditional exposed blades
• Vision Positioning System: Built-in visual positioning system to ensure the drone hover stably

• Real-time charging: electronic charging Elanselfie or other devices anywhere, anytime, easy to carry

• One key to take-off / land

• Palm throwing: Airselfie flat on the palm of your hand, if you start the motor, throw up, the adrone will automatically hover
• Palm landing: palm up close to the drone,it will automatically land on the palm of your hand


• Size: 97*70*13.6mm
• Size of package:182*63*98mm
• Weight of drone with battery: around 78g
• Battery of drone: 7.4v 400mAh
• Charging time: 40 minutes
• Flight time: 6 minutes
• Remote control distance(APP):20 meters
• Flight speed:1 m/s
• Camera: 8MP
• Video : 1920x1080P 30frames
• Positioning: Vision Positioning System, Ultrasound Positioning System
• APP: Android and iOS


• 1 * Elan selfie Ultra (With camera & battery & 4GB SD card included)
• 1 * USB cable
• 1 * Backup propeller
• 1 * Manual
• 1 * Warning sheet
• 1 * Screwdriver