Portable Car Heater 200W 12V/24V

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The best solution for cold mornings! Portable Car Heater !!

Now you can defrost the windshield in seconds and temper your entire car in an instant.
Its design allows eliminating frost, fog and snow from the windshield of your vehicle in the fastest and easiest way.

No more risks when driving your car in winter!
Keep your eyes off and drive safely, protecting your health and that of your family!
With a 12-volt heater, you can quickly eliminate the hassles and dangers of a frozen windshield.
It is small, compact and portable. It is also very easy to use, simply connect the heater to the lighter of your car and press the interlocks.
It has a 180-degree swivel stand, you can focus the fan at a specific angle.
It is perfect for daily use, camping trips or vacations.
First quality and durable materials.

It has three large air vents. The fan has a powerful enough power to reach the rear window.
Make winter a pleasant road without worry or annoyance!

Product name: Heater
Material: Plastic
Colour: Black
Size: Approx. 125x115x40mm/4.92"x4.52"x1.57"
Power: 150W
Voltage: 12V/24V
Heat: Up to 80 degrees
Control mode: Manual adjustment

-Car winter heating fan.
-Automatic heating, overheating protection, with hot and cold switch, hot and cold dual-use.
-User-friendly design, a handle, environmental protection and practical.
-Less energy consumption, low noise, not damage the battery, safe and reliable.
-Fixed way: on the anti-skid pads, or fixed with double-sided adhesive.
-The electric heater has ten grid cooling mouth, half a minute fast heating, heating convenience.
-Universal axis adjustment, the base 360 ¬į turn without dead corner, removable base, with slots, practical and convenient.
-Bold extension of pure copper cable, efficient heating element, without damaging the battery.
-Cigarette lighter plug, built-in fuse, a security risk automatically cut off protection, security and peace of mind.
-Through the fan rotation, forced air circulation is conducive to air heating, high-speed rotation.