Talking Hamster


Your precious little ones will surely love this super cute Talking Hamster Pet Toy. The adorable little Hamster loves to repeat what you say but in his own critter voice. He'll repeat the message back to you in a funny, high pitched voice.

Talk back function allows the hamster to repeat everything you say no matter if you laugh, sing or speak any language.

She bops his head up and down automatically while talking and when you pat her.

Easy to use: Switch it on and talk to it, it will mimic every word in a funny and high pitched voice. Records up to 6 seconds. Flip the switch to the OFF position to conserve battery life when it is not being used.

 Perfect for playtime and bedtime. Adorable gift for kids, children, pets and even some adults ;)

Powered by 3x AAA batteries (NOT included). Please use new batteries once the batteries run out. Don't use alkaline batteries. Ordinary AAA batteries are recommended.